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Social media gives marketers an excellent opportunity to catch up on the latest trends. By tapping into conversations that are relevant to their field, marketers can gain valuable insights that will help them enact effective marketing campaigns.

As valuable as the information held within discussion can be, however, it can be very difficult to extract. Monitoring discussions held on social media is a hugely time-consuming task, and collating the information can be even harder.

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SocialEnable Monitoring

SocialEnable does the work of collecting the data for you, as well as presenting it in comprehensive reports
that tell you what you need to know.

From insight to Action

In order to make decisions on marketing campaigns, campaign managers need access to the right information. Our comprehensives reports give marketers what they need to be able to formulate and implement marketing strategies. The reports are collated according to the marketers’ requirements, and can incorporate the businesses’ KPIs for a tailor-made presentation according to what the individual business requires.

Market trends can be very dynamic, requiring the flexibility required to adjust quickly with changing landscapes. Designed to give all the information that is needed at a glance, the reports allow marketers and others to make decisions quickly and with confidence.

SocialEnable Monitoring

Proprietary Machine Learning

With such a vast amount of information available on social media at any one time, extracting what is important to you can be a real challenge. The SocialEnable platform uses its own proprietary machine learning algorithms to extract relevant information from the vast number of relevant discussion being held. The unique algorithms also allow you to gather insights that are likely to be missed by competitors.

Once the algorithms have extracted the required information, it can then be collated and presented in comprehensive reports. These reports then give marketers all they need to create marketing campaigns that have an impact.

SocialEnable Engagement

Interactive and Comprehensive Dashboards

All the information in the world would be all but useless to you if you are unable to take any meaning from it. What’s also important is that you are able to access only the data that you need, in a way that it tells you just what you need to know.

Your tailor-made dashboard will help to present you with the information that is relevant to your business and your marketing campaigns. In being able to select specific criteria, marketers are able to get easy access to the information that will allow them to make the right decisions.

SocialEnable Store

SocialEnable Store

Greater flexibility over how you are able to access and manipulate data will make it even easier for you to make decisions. Reading the same data from different perspectives can help you to spot trends that might have otherwise been missed, giving you an edge over the competition.

In addition to your own dashboard, the SocialEnable store gives you access to a wide range of dashboards that help present you with the information just as you need it. With access to dashboards that are used by some of the top agencies around, you have even more marketing power at your fingertips.

SocialEnable Roport

Why us

Why SocialEnable ?

Verified Facebook Marketing Partner

As a verified Facebook marketing partner, you can be confident that we can make the most of what is among the most powerful marketing tools available. In order to become a Facebook marketing partner, any business would have to demonstrate excellence in using the platform to its full potential. Only companies that have a strong track record of success in using the platform are accepted, and we are delighted to be able to boast such as partnership. Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to any marketer, so it makes sense to be able to use it to full advantage. In addition to being a source of valuable information for businesses, it is can also be used as a platform that allows companies to communicate directly with their customers. This opens up so many possibilities for PR departments, and can be used by other departments within businesses.

Our tools help you to tap into this potential and leverage the advantages that it offers. We can help you to prioritise and arrange certain information and messages that enable you to address the issues that are most important to you and your customers. In being able to allocate the right information to the right people, we can help you make efficient use of an effective tool that might otherwise not be taken full advantage of.

Why SocialEnable ?

Understanding Our Customer’s Needs

Each of our customers has specific needs, and it is important that we take those needs into account if we are to provide them with an effective solution. This means paying attention to their requirements, and ensuring that our platform delivers just what they need.

SocialEnable has been developed from real-life practical business requirements. It has been developed using knowledge of what marketers on the front-line need to create effective marketing campaigns. Marketing requirements over a wide range of industries have also been taken into account to help ensure we can provide exactly what you want.

No matter what your industry and what your specific requirements are, our consultants will pay attention to delivering what you need to help you create marketing decisions that will help put your business on the map.

Why SocialEnable ?

Providing a Total Solution

SocialEnable is more than just a tool. It is a complete solution that allows marketers to take full advantage of the wealth of information that is available on social media. Accessing and extracting the information that you need is only part of what Social Enable has to offer. In addition, the information will be collated in a way that allows marketers to understand what is needed to make an impact within their industry.

Our solution aims to be able to give you the decision-making power to create marketing campaigns that will help you to get ahead in your field. In using our complete data analysing and reporting solution, you can get an advantage over the competition.

How we can help you

Create Online Marketing Campaigns That Make an Impact

SocialEnable does more than just help you to create marketing campaigns. It helps you to create campaigns that really have an impact. In having access to what your potential customers are talking about on social media, you have an edge that will help you to create a campaign that will really make a difference.

Our platform also allows you to measure and analyse the performance of your campaign. This gives you even further information that allows you to make adjustments to fine-tune your campaign for even better performance. Not only can SocialEnable help you create campaigns that give you an advantage, we also help you to maintain that advantage.

Comprehensive and Intuitive Analysis Tools

In order to make the most of information, you need to be able to view it in a way that it is easy to understand what it tells you. Without being able to interpret the data in a way that paints a picture, it had might as well be nothing but random words and numbers.

Our smart analysis tools give you the insights that you need at a glance. Our in-depth reports give you all the information that you need to know what you need to do next. Our reports are designed to be used by a variety of departments such as marketing, PR, customer service and strategic planning. We aim to give the while company what it needs to make decisions that are effective in marketing and elsewhere within your business.

Saving You a Lot of Time and Effort

Manpower is among the most expensive and most valuable assets that any company can have. Considering the value and cost of your workforce, it is important to put them to use where they are most effective. While collecting data for marketing can be powerful, it is also time consuming and a very inefficient way to use human resources.

SocialEnable does the job of collecting the information for you, allowing you to allocate your human resources where they can be used more efficiently. This can help to increase your business’s productivity and efficiency considerably.

In addition to almost eliminating the time and effort spent on data collection, the SocialEnable platform also makes reporting as effortless as possible. Comprehensive reports provide all the information that you need to be able to make decisions there and then. In addition to improving your efficiency, SocialEnable also helps to improve your effectiveness by providing insights that give you an edge over the competition.

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Why SocialEnable ?

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